Wireless Electricity

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today we will talk about electric car, more precisely a brand new reload systeme which call wireless electricity.

A research team of the University of Stanford developed a new technology which could make it possible to reload without wire the electric cars which run on the motorway.
The main probleme with the electric cars, it is firt of all, the autonomy which seldom exceeds 150 to 300 kilometers, secondly, the time of loading necessary to reload the batteries with block on the faceplate of the house, and three, to find during a displacement a terminal of refill in self-service to connect the car.
The researchers of Stanford  conceived a system of load which uses magnetic fields ( induction technique) to transmit without wire a great quantity of electric current to metal reels located at several meters. In the long term, one of the potential applications would be  develop sections of “electric” road which would make it possible to constantly reload the electric vehicles which circulate there.


In the long term, one of the potential applications would be to develop sections of “electric” road which would make it possible to constantly reload the electric vehicles which circulate there.
This solution could perhaps a day enable us to leave on holiday by electric car without making long hours of stopover to connect it on a socket-outlet. The batteries and the engine of the car would then be supplied directly by the road. Such a solution could popularize the electric vehicles more quickly.
here you can see the video that explain the electricity wireless systeme.

Innovation or Dream

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Today I will present you a new concept car, the Mithos, an electronmagnetic vehicle!

Befor any matter, this electromagnetic vehicle is a very futuriste version of a supercar.

To offer an optimal comfort of navigation, Mithos is equipped with a system of scan in real-time of the road. The suspensions then are automatically adjusted according to the irregularities of the road.
Now, we enter in the science fiction.
A system baptized “Molecular Teleport Processor” allows quickly Mithos of teleported to its final destination by using a network of relay stations of teleportation.
You will have understood it, Mithos is in advances over its time .What is certain, it is that the innovation finds its way while passing in addition to the current technical constraints…
Here a video of this innovating car!

Concept of innovation

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Today I will present you some new concepts of innovations. Their are innovations that could be arrive on ours furur car, or just for show the increase of the technologies in the world.

First of all, a Chineese car “Hongqi HQ3” , this car can drive without driver, it drive alone, like an automatic control.

In the field of automatic control, Google was known to have opened the road with a Toyota Prius. Engineers had managed to make it cover thousands of kilometers without too  encumber.
However the researchers of the Chinese university of Changsa  chose to start again to zero and do not take again any the preceding lucky finds on the matter. Contrary to “Google because”, Hongqi HQ3 will not sail thanks to an advanced system of GPS.
That the lovers of piloting are reassured, it is just only  one concept. However the project has future. All the 40 thousandth of second, the HQ3 analyzes the situation. It is already definitely better than the human brain which of it is able only all the 500 thousandth of second
Now we will talk about a tire which inflate all alone
It is the firm “Goodyears” that manufacture the brand new concept of tire.
A miniature pump established in the tire will manage with it only the inflation of the tire and will maintain automatically the ideal pressure.

The next innovation in cars

I’ve looked into my automotive crystal ball and examined industry trends and news reports to come up with a few innovations I predict will be available in cars sometime in the next 10 years.

Adaptive Brake Lights  ==> 2 years

Brake lights that flash or get brighter or larger depending on how hard the brake pedal is depressed. This will tell the driver behind you how quickly you are stopping. Mercedes-Benz is currently experimenting with adaptive brake lights on a very limited number of U.S. models, but safety regulations prohibit wide implementation.
What we do now: Make an educated guess how quickly we need to stop, resulting in occasional rear-end collisions.

Electric Window Tinting ==> 2years


Electric window tinting could take windows or a moonroof from clear to tinted to even opaque with the push of a button. Maybach already offers a panoramic glass roof that can be switched from opaque to transparent, but not many of us can afford a Maybach.

Automotive Black Box

Airplanes have the ability to record trip details, so why not cars? An automotive black box could be invaluable in an accident, keep tabs on a new driver, help frequent speeders monitor their miles-per-hour — or it could be a big invasion of privacy. Reports indicate that two-thirds of the models built by General Motors and Ford already have data recorders, but accessing the information isn’t easy.

Top 10 Innovations (Abstract)

We live in a world where almost everybody have a car. Car become a mandatory tool for human being.

But in one hundred years of life, the car has very evolved thanks to innovation.

My blog talk about major innovations and the website “Top 10 Innovations” talk about 10 major innovation for car!

Innovation is a wide word, it could be for security, comfort, against boredom, or against the global warming. But innovation is one of the most essencial factor for selling a car. The customer look the design and after the comsuption, then the security, maybe if the car have some DVD player for children.

All this things was old innovations and it is thanks to this innovations that the customer choose between all the car in the market.

At this time the degree of innovation is very high, and there isn’t stop to increasing. Today the biggest innovation is against the global warming, or for a lowest comsuption. We live in a world where we have to take care of the planet, where the gasoline is more and more rare and expensive .

So the automotive firms have to innovate with this new factor. The website “Top 10 innovations” show the 10 biggest innovations for car since the beginning. Some innovations are maybe for you natural, but before it was a revolution. And perhaps they don’t show enough ecology innovations, I think it is because the biggest innovation for ecology isn’t yet Create.

The website is here: http://www.cars.com/go/advice/Story.jsp?section=top&subject=innovations&story=pastInns

Renault / PSA two automotive firm but two different point of view


today I am going to talk about two french car manufactured,

Renault http://www.renault.co.uk/

PSA Peugeot Citroen http://www.psa-peugeot-citroen.com/en/hp1.php

These two firms work a lot of innovate, but their points of view are different.

Peugeot and Citroen believe in hybrid cars

Hybrid car is a mixture between thermic engine and electrical engine. We can say that hybrid car is a transition between thermic car and electrical car.

In an other way Renault doesn’t make some hybrid car, Renault wants now electrical car, and for this Renault create four electrical car in a same time, for the customer to have some choise!!!

The first electrical car is Kangoo ZE, it is a family car’s or proffessional car’s

Then Fluence ZE, it is THE family electrical car’s of Renault

Renault has also the Twizy ZE, it is a city car’s a mixture between a small car and a motorbike.

Finally ZOE ZE maybe the futur bestsells of electrical car for Renault.

We can see that the aim of this two firm are not the same, PSA want to change but slowly with the hybrid car, and Renault is more revolutionary with the electrical car!!!

The biggest inovation in the car (Part 1)

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Hello everyone!

Today I’m going to present you the biggest inovations in the car since the beginning. It is the first part, because their had a lot of inovation since 1850.

So the first part will talk about ecology and energie inovation.

In 1894 the first electrical car is created

Then in 1906 the first hybride car is create, this car is a car which work with gas, and electricity